Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doing this while I really should be cooking!

You see, this is exactly why I needed to start a blog.

It's just ater 4pm on a Sunday and while everyone else are laying around in blissful relaxation, I am feeling guilt over doing things other than the kitchen variety.

Why is it that we allow self guilt? Why am I unable to lie around on a weekend without feeling like I should be furiously scrubbing, washing and cooking up a storm.

So, really, this blog may be seen as an wexcuse, avoidance, or the one I am leaning towards: therapy! Ha!

Really, it will help link up a few things going on that can be hard to keep track of.

Today I did my time on the work stall going on as part of the Outskirts Festival in Northbridge. I bought myself this crazy awesome bag organiser made by Brag Bags
I bought this one in Black:
Considering how many times a change bags in any given week, this little puppy is going to make life a lot easier

Also picked up a leather vintage belt, black pants and two t shirts for M, so he was all happy!

Time to don the domestic apron and get on with it all.

On tonights menu is a ready rolled roast pork, no crackle so M and the kids will no doubt spit it. My thighs will thank me I am sure!

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