Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas, holidays and guilt free Vintage Twists time

Goodness, it HAS been a while between posts!
Looking back over the last month and its been all about getting listings into the shop, finishing off work in the office (at my full time job) before my christmas break and getting the house ready for  xmas day.

I had three weekdays off before xmas weekend. I spent every single one of them at the shops in the morning and cleaning in the afternoon. I must be insane! Within minutes of collecting my kids from their week away with their Dad I immediately regretted spending those three days in a shopping and cleaning frenzy - instead wishing I had beached myself on the couch with books and girly movies. I had wasted my quiet sanctury of three blissful days with no kids and my significant other at work. What. A. Dimwit! The continuous chatter offering of random facts and ensuing sibling rivalry that badgerred me for the 40 minute drive home was like a hammer on my head, me the nail, bashing sense into me for next time with each and every thump and thwack. Must. Spend. More. Time. Doing. What. I. Love.

We convinved my youngest that they were now too old for stockings - so he didnt notice his, crammed full of junk food and silly gifts as usual, when he gently started tearing paper off his 'not from us' presents at the godforsaken hour of 5am on xmas morning. For the first time ever, I paid attention, rememberred that my mate had once salivated over remote control helicopters at a shopping centre display and although it pained me to buy a 42 year old man a toy for xmas - I did it. He was so damned happy. Win.

We started our day, as we have for several years, at the dog beach with our beloved Weimeraners -

Anzac and Sari. We tire them out whilst connecting with nature - give the pets some attention before ignoring them for the rest of the day and reminding ourselves that though we have just opened gifts and induldged we need to appreciate the freely accessible wonders at our doorstep. Xmas morning at the beach is always gently warm, still and beautiful.

It was my turn to host this year and although some may cringe at the thought, I was over the moon. For me, it meant everyone dear to me under the one roof at the same time without me having to travel all over Perth to see them all!

My sister, her hubbie and 5 out of her 7 kids (plus a tag along but very welcome boyfriend of my oldest niece) and my partners parents and sisters family. Each family contributed to the table.

I indulged my gorgeous younger nieces with chocolate, chips and lollies - what? Its my right isnt it? I always balance with a practical gift( novelty glass) and a fun gift (giant bubbles). Always over way too quick, the day flew by with squeels from the kids (and adult kids) in the pool,

a trail of chips and xmas bon bon wrappers all over the house and a table and fridge full of leftovers. Take a look at this amazing spread of deserts my talented kitchen whiz sister contributed to our spread!
Pineapple upside down cake - a childhood memory that has evry bite flooding my brain with remembering

Toffee apple trifle
which sends my eldest into a 'smeagle - like' possessiveness
Cherry chocolate almond torte caprese

Shop sales at VintageTwists in the lead up to xmas were steady and I posted several items to people that were gifts from the buyer. What a fabulous gift - vintage - it just keeps giving doesnt it!

Ive been on a frenzy of listing in the last month - below are just some of the new items you will find in the shop.

See you on the flipside!
Vintage Twists