Saturday, July 4, 2015

life and aeroplanes

Since my last post in February it's like a veil has been lifted off my eyes and I've metamorphosed into something new. I just reread my last post and would like to capture just a bit of that buzz back, even though technically I'm still doing really well.

Best news first - I have some light regrowth in my bald spots. Huzzah!!!!!

I've continued most of my previous post regime, although Ill be honest that I've been really slack in the last few weeks with my green juices and I can honestly say I've seen the difference in my energy (much lower) as a result,

Most of the rest I've continued religiously. Lemon water every morning, nails and pamper time with my bestie, work email is back on my phone as I'm in the middle of a bucket load of regional travel for work, however I'm not checking it after hours so, so far so good!

My ten year relationship ended in April and that was pretty tough. I'm through the other side and feel remarkably relieved to be 100% in charge of my own life again. Its an amazing feeling to realise that you were in charge all along but easily relinquished control mentally so often. My bad!

In the next 3 months Ill be away for work in regional WA 27 days. That's a whole lot of plane trips, 13 from memory. I hate flying pretty much more than anything else. It just doesn't agree with me, I get terribly sick 3/4 of the time. But I get to see this beautiful country and to that I am very grateful.

I upgraded the male in my life to a new kitten. Half Russian Blue half Ragdoll, his name is Merlin and as you would imagine is ridiculously adorable.

Below are some pics from the last few months, of my adventures in Broome, Esperance and Port Hedland for work, and the new kitty!
Sunrise on the way to Esperance
Arty Esperance

Stunning Broome

Blue skies in Broome

The fluro's in the plane on the way to Port Hedland at some ungodly hour of the morning

beautiful Port Hedland at Pretty Pool

Pretty Pool, Port Hedland

Pretty Pool, Port Hedland

Merlin aged 16 weeks

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