Monday, January 19, 2015

Whirlwind week of highs and lows, wins and losses

So, where could I possibly start.

Having never been to a naturopath before, I took the advice of a friend and sought out a very well known one in my area. In the month I waited for my appointment, anyone I mentioned it to seemed to have heard of him and his silky skills. I got more and more excited as the appointment approached, which coincided with repeated trips back to my hopeless GP as we went through the process of blood tests and him delivering results in a monotone, emotionless way. I had to ask for just about every blood test, I was determined to find what had triggered my alopecia. I repeatedly asked him if the medication I'd been on for the last two years could be causing this and he repeatedly said I could stay on it for the rest of my life with no side effects. I believed him.

Within 3 minutes of me entering my naturopaths consulting rooms, with very little conversation between us, he told me that the medication was depleting all the calcium from my body. He also told me that my back issue was misdiagnosed. Yes I may have displaced disks, but the pain was coming from a twisted muscle that had displaced the disks. He untwisted it there and then. I went off the medication that very same day. I can sleep on my back for the first time in two years.

I'm taking natural supplements to restore my health. I've been told that I will have alopecia for life, although my naturopath says he will cure that too. Right now I feel like I am taking some steps to regain control of my life again, rather than being controlled by the medication.

Next step is to take control of the stress in my life. The work email is off my phone now, I've even turned off vibrate so no pesky alerts can disturb my sleep, even when the phone is on silent.

I'm drinking more green smoothies, eating less crap, have cut down on sugared refined foods and am slowly starting to crave healthier options.
My unexpected journey has begun.

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