Thursday, January 1, 2015

I believe in signs

Do you believe in signs?
For well over a year now I've been seeing feathers in my path. Mainly at the park when I'm walking my beautiful Weimaraner dogs, but also in other places that are more random, like in the city on my path to work.

Anyway, so that's the feathers. Then, shortly after my diagnosis with AA, I was op shopping and found a stack of Barbie and Brats dolls. They were so cheap that I grabbed all the ones that didn't have missing limbs for my nieces and action man doll for my nephew for when they came to my place for xmas day. They weren't the hit that I thought they would be, however, I also picked up a doll that seemed poignant to find, for myself. She now sits on a shelf above my computer as a sort of mascot for me. I already own a long straight purple wig you see. Those of you following the blog in the past would know that if you've seen my Etsy shop. The purple wig has starred in some of the shots. Like this one of Devon my niece-in-law.

So imagine my suprise when I found the below doll, with removable purple hair. Woah! Talk about a sign from I dont know where but I got it!

So AA Mascot she has become and just to top it off, I shit you not, I was just on my way to get another round of blood tests, driving down the road, I see a blond wig in the middle of the road.

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