Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year and some tough choices

I'm quitting sugar!
I figure if I say it out loud I have a chance at sticking to this decision!

I have long suspected that my gut can no longer process sugar and highly processed foods. I recently found a name for what I think I've been experiencing - Leaky gut Syndrome! It's this weird sickly feeling in your gut in the morning when you've had a few drinks or eaten foods high in sugar the night before.

I used to drink Jack Daniel's and coke zero. Started to feel sick the next morning. When I say sick, it wasn't from being hungover as such. I would only ever have around 3 large drinks every other Friday night. Then I swapped to mixing it with dry ginger ale. That worked for a while and then the same thing started to happen.

Then I noticed it happening after a night of sugary deserts or sweets.

I know this is going to be tricky for me. I know I may have moments of weakness. I will try my hardest because I feel like sugar may be toxic for me.

I have sugarless coffee, have done for many years now. It's chocolate that is going to be the killer. OMG I love chocolate.

My Alopecia spots have been really itchy the last few days. I got M to shave the underneath for me again as I obsess less over the difference in length at the back when there is relative even smoothness back there.

I've been rubbing my coconut oil and essential oil mix in every few days, which provides some relief.

So I've read a lot about the links between AA and sugar, AA and wheat & gluten.
I've pretty much eliminated gluten, bar the odd fruit mince pie in the last few days.

It's time to up the anti and see what sugar free means to me.

I'm in the middle of a few AA books and loving them all. I'll add them to the AA page for easy access.

One is about going forward Boldly Bald as a woman, in the same way men are accepted to do so. I braved the E Reader land for this one to give me something to read through my frequent bouts of insomnia of late. I also have another downloaded for after that one, by a young lady who grew a full head of hair back by changing her diet completely. I've already got her cookbook and have been enjoying her juices and smoothie recipes in the last few days.

Then there is one about acceptance accompanied by beautiful soothing images, all words and pictures created by the same lady who has had AA for 30 years.

And another presenting the cold hard facts of the disease and potential things in your body that may be 'out of whack' and strategies for correcting them. It came with a meditation CD that I will try tonight (just as long as I can get it onto my phone!!!)

Time to face the day!
Happy New Year to one and all

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