Saturday, December 13, 2014

Diagnosis confirmed, time with friends and random snowmen

Yesterday, my blood tests confirmed I have the markers of an autoimmune disease. I have now had blood tests that are more sensitively pinpointing what that might be.

I also purchased some essential oils to mix with a coconut base, to use as a hair tonic/rub
You can find the recipe I used here:

and other recipes and Alopecia related pins on the board I created to collect what I find on pinterest here:

I very much wanted to spend the day at home after getting the results. Then I started to feel hungry for spinach. Which evolved to Eggs Bennedict with smoked salmon instead of my beloved bacon. I went home from the doctors via the local supermarket and stocked up on ingredients, then via the fruit & veg shop for much fresher fruit and vegies (lots of coloured fruit and greens after watching my new heros ted talk about minding your mitochondria)

I made my man and myself a delicious brunch of GF bread, hollandaise sauce instead of butter (baby steps) smoked salmon, a pile of spinach and rocket greens topped with a poached egg for myself and 3 poached eggs for him. OMG yum.

This kept me going until mid afternoon when I munched on a cacao and hazelnut GF, Lactose free and sugar free fruit bar (Ive started keeping a few in my handbag so Im not tempted to by crappy food when Im out)

I also now have small bags of walnuts, dried cranberries and cacao nibs near my computer desk for munching on between meals.

I think the thing to note here is I am preparing ahead to avoid my known weak points in regards to diet. Replacing fast food and pre-packaged foods with healthy options I have conveniently prepared ahead of time for myself, is a way of avoiding bad choices when I'm short on time.

And just for fun, I messaged my friend out of the blue and asked her what her plans were for the afternoon. We ended up and a beauty salon doing nails and having a lovely time together laughing and regressing to our teenage years (we've known each other since I was 13)

and here is the end result!

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