Thursday, December 18, 2014

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa spots galore

I was so will-powered up at the work xmas party yesterday. I ignored the cheese platters and chocolate, strudel and cheesecake. I ignored the bread, bread sticks, dips and feta salad. There was still plenty of GF options and Dairy free things for me to eat and I was full to bursting.

Came home and bought the family pizza while I happily ate a mango and a peach.

Then as Im watching TV I discover several new spots, all at the back of my head. I've been doing (nearly) everything right so why is it getting worse instead of slowing?

Im still 3 weeks away from seeing a naturopath and 6 weeks until my dermatologist appointment. I figure ill have no bloomin hair left by that point!!!!!

Im going to enjoy some funky short hair cuts over summer while I can.
Heres one Im really liking:

Ahhhhhh I am trying to find the positives when all I wanna do is sook! Alopecia is beginning to take over my life :( 

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