Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Food war in my head

Dilemma's seem to be around every corner for me at the moment. They are all me, me, me and to be completed honest I feel self indulgent and full of myself.

So I'm travelling for work at the moment, in a North west coastal town, with a small population of under 1000. I'm here for three days so I figure ill treat myself to a nice meal out tonight and made a stop at the small supermarket to grab some snacks and lunch. I'm trying, you see, to halt the extent of my hair-fall-out by drastically changing my diet. From the small amount of research I've done so far I have found overwhelming links to gluten, meat and dairy intolerances and alopecia. The alopecia friendly diets also suggest the abstaining from processed and fried foods and also sugar.

So, there was very little fresh food on offer at the grocery store as they were waiting on their weekly delivery (the things you take for granted in the city huh!) and I left with a tin of tuna, herring slices, rice crackers (processed but ffs I needed something to have with my bloody tuna in the absence if any green leafy salad) an avocado, an apple and a banana. Far from my usual work travel fair of bread, a hot chook and lumps of cheese!!!

Now I'm sitting I a stunning find of a steakhouse, an amazing view, and after a gut wrenching appraisal of the menu I FORCE myself to get the lamb salad, minus the bloody lamb! Post ordering, I realised there is friggin quinoa and fetta in it too.

I so shoulda got a steak and chips. Would have been heaps happier. Bloody quinoa. Ugggh there's just no tarting that shit up. Looked delicious but over-bearing flavours in the dressing that made me give up halfway through.

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