Thursday, October 6, 2011

Currently reading.... The Sookie Stackhouse companion

I'm not quite sure when I turned into SUCH a book obsessed nerd. Ok, I'll admit, as a kid, I might have had the entire Trixie Beldon and Sweet Valley High collection. I also may have been obssessed with owning a copy of everythin an authour I liked had written.
I do believe I have aged well and gotten quite a lot worse!
I actually cant remember when I got hooked on Charlaine Harris. It MAY have coincided with the first season of True Blood. I quickly consumed everything she had written, particularly enjoying the Aurora Teagarden series.

Charlaine Harris has a quirky writing syle and she is bloody funny too.

So, I finally got my copy of the Sookie Stackhouse companion.
This enormous book of awsome contains tit bits about all the characters, deleted scenes and short stories that havent made it into the other books.

Those of you that love True Blood and havent read the Sookie books really should! They are quite different to the tv series. Characters that are main characters in the TV series were killed off in the books very early on. Despite this, I still love both.
I bought mine from Book with free shipping!
The Sookie Stackhouse Companion

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