Monday, October 24, 2011

Knitting rugs, spiritual enlightenment and dogs mid air collisions

So, after a relatively crazy week at work I finished listing my pottery and vintage plate collection leftover from market stalling last year. Some really cute plates I'd forgotten about and this darling Meakin soup set
Meakin soup set
Great to be able to concentrate on listing clothes again. Even more exciting is my scheduled photo shoot this Friday with Jho's Pics Photography my regular models Nadia and Jenni and some new people Im looking forward to working with as well. Perth has an odd little Public Holiday this Friday due to CHOGM being held in our town. Yay! The Queen!

Had a great chat with a wise friend on Saturday Night who gave me several things to think about. She is looking for people who knit to contribute 1 metre by 2 metre bright knitted rugs to a cause she is involved in. Your knitted contribution will be embedded with a message of love and sent to needy women living in an African refuge. They don't like crocheted rugs because the holes spin them out (they think the rug is faulty) Anyone interested in this cause should contact me for more info or just get knitting! I have started my rug. I find I am thinking a lot whilst knitting. I'm spending more time in the lounge room at night with my family instead of on the computer. Im finding its a nice balance to my usual practice of destroying denim shorts so young people will buy them from my online shop. Im creating for a good cause as opposed to destroying for consumer driven desires. So, therein lies my spiritual enlightenment in a way. I guess.

My Monday. Goodness, what a Monday. The afternoon was spent watching a rehearsal for the upcoming play "When The Rain Stops Falling" written by Aussie playwright Andrew Bovell and STUNNINGLY directed by local Adam Mitchell. I was left feeling emotionally and physically moved. I was all choked up and astounded by this exquisite play, so well cast, so beautifully acted. If you live in Perth, you really must see the latest offering for Black Swan State Theatre Company which previews from Saturday, opening next Wednesday. Click here for booking info and here to go to the website.

So, lots to think about on the PACKED like sardines train on the way home.
Get in the house to see M vacuuming the couch, as you do, and the kids very upset about a mid air collision our weimeraner dogs had at the park. Sari had a blood nose and grazed inner cheeks. Anzac lost 3 bottom teeth. Crap. Not good. Also wouldn't have happened if the kids had 2 balls at the park instead of one. Like they been told countless times before. Sigh! Poor dogs.

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