Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weddings, birthdays rollercoasters and the inevitable Hogsbreath

It's been a massive week in Vintage Twists (and her owners) world.
As I drink my morning coffee and look back on the week I've just had, I have to ask myself what the hell the universe was thinking? Throwing that crap at me? I mean, SERIOUSLY?????

Good, positive, awesomeness was the 50% off sale in my store. Selling 12 items in one week was big for this 'lil full time with other (real) job. I could also be convinced to run it again, considering the space I made in my back room. As my gaze wanders to the rather large box brought in from the car yesterday, I realise that the space has been filled, twice over! (Working for a theatre company can have it's pluses come wardrobe clean out day!)

Also good positive awesomeness was one of my oldest and dearest friends, Fiona,  getting married. She looked amazing, radiant. Every time I caught sight of the gorgeous groom, Donald, gazing at her and turned into a blubbering mess. Wait until you see the pic, you will see what I mean about the way he is looking at her!
Whats more, at the reception, she sang to him. A moment I will never forget!

I wore a vintage 80's does 50's skirt from America, complete with crinoline to puff it out. I suspect the outfit just made my hips look bigger, but was loads of fun to wear.

The flip side to that seemed to be that big old thing, communication, threatening to implode my own relationship from the inside out. Thankfully, roller coasters have an endpoint. You can choose to get off or have another ride. Im a bit dizzy, but still on the ride.

Awesome above all maybe is reaching that milestone of seeing your baby boy look and act like a man.
Problem is, he is only 15, as of yesterday. 6 foot 3 and a half, size 15 shoes. Gigantor. What's more, he hasn't finished growing yet.
Took him and the family out to Hogsbreath Cafe and we just 'went for it'. Birthday boy O and M shared a meat tower which consisted of a lamb chop, a steak, a few ribs and a strip of bacon each, along with curly fries and salad. I had the chicken parma and Z had nuggets and curly fries kids meal. (we spent a while coaching him to try something different. He went for safe in the end. Classic spectrum behaviour. My sisters daughter touches many foods to the tip of her nose before trying them. The quirks that go with the syndrome are many and varied.

M and I convinced O to have the "Rocky Rd" desert as I had failed as a mother and not provided a birthday cake. An amazing feat helped by mum and Z.
So, a week of clearing out the Vintage Twists vault, new love, renewed love, ageing and celebrating.
Looking ahead I have the Chris Cornell concert next week....woot! Bout time I got my music on!

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